Thursday, August 19, 2010

Menu Plan 8.20.10

1. Chicken piccata (this recipe only with chicken instead of turkey)
2. Tuna melts (tried these last time and YUM!)
3. Paninis (we use our George Foreman grill)
4. Pizza (probably frozen or take-out)
5. Chicken chow mein
6. Mexican vermicelli
7. Bison nachos 
8. Roast beef and mashed potatoes
9. Chicken fajitas or quesadillas
10. Grilled brats
11. Celebrity chicken (from Southern Living 1995 Annual Recipes Cookbook)
12. Taco Salad (tried this last time too and loved it!)
13. Spaghetti
14. OUT TO EAT! One afternoon we have an event to go to in Woodland Park and we're going to stop at our favorite Mexican place on the way home.

I'll decide on the sides later. Probably salad, green veggies, bread, rice or couscous.

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