Thursday, September 2, 2010

Menu Plan 9.3.2010

I am so tired of making summer menus. I simply like fall and winter cooking better. I'm hoping I'm nearing the end of the hot afternoons that make turning on my oven such a bothersome thing to do. I even snuck a soup recipe in this rotation in hope that we'll have an evening that is soup appropriate!

1. Burgers | fries | corn on the cob
2. Emeril's kicked up tuna melts | chips or sweet potato fries
3. Grilled brats | chips
4. Fish tacos
5. Penne Rustica | salad
6. Skillet penne with sausage and spinach | salad | bread
7. Sweet and sour meatballs | brown rice | broccoli
8. Chicken pot pie | some green veggie or salad
9. Taco salad (addicted to this recipe)(it's so darn easy)
10. Potato soup
11. Shredded beef tacos 
12. Breakfast casserole
13. White chicken enchiladas
14. Bunco! (Menu TBD)(John and the kids will eat out!)