Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Menu Plan that Never Got Posted

Oops. Didn't even realize I never posted this from the last two weeks!

1. Burgers | Sweet potato fries | tater tots (for the kids)
2. Green chili chicken enchiladas (YUM! This recipe is a keeper!)
3. Red and black bean bake
4. Garlic chicken farfalle
5. Grilled brats | hot dogs | corn on the cob
6. Reuben sandwiches | chips
7. Fish tacos 
8. Dallas tacos
9. Steak with bleu cheese | salad | green beans
10. Chicken spaghetti | french bread | salad
11. Burritos
12. Homemade pizza
13. Fajitas
14. Texas Roadhouse for school fundraiser. Yipee!

1 comment:

Dee Dee said...

We're having garlic chicken farfalle tonight - I can't wait. If it tastes half as good as it sounds, I'll be in food heaven. So thankful for this blog, Mer - I've been kinda burnt out on my old stand-bys!