Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Plan 11.29.2010

I meant to post my menu plan from the week before Thanksgiving...but never got around to it. We were mostly eating out of the freezer and pantry that week so believe me, you didn't miss anything grand!

Here's the new plan I made in the car on Saturday!

1. Homemade pizza
2. Spaghetti
3. Stuffed green pepper soup
4. Grilled cheese and tomato-basil soup
5. Baked Potato Soup
6. Skillet penne with sausage and spinach
7. Pizza w/Santa at school
8. Tuna melts
9. Piccata chicken
10. Shredded beef tacos and quinoa salad
11. Cheeseburger soup
12. Nachos
13. Breakfast casserole


DidiLyn said...

Great. Now I want some cheeseburger soup. But it is 5:50 AM. And our house is filled to overflowing with 2nd Thanksgiving leftovers.
Cheeseburger soup will have to wait a bit.
(my word verification is "Shrew." I'm gonna assume we are talking about a small mousey-type animal and not my general demeanor.)

alex said...

wow nice plan... keep sharing and blogging..

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