Friday, August 21, 2009

Menu Plan 8.21.09

I got so off track with meals last month. Being gone three of the last four weeks didn't help. I spent some time this week making a new menu plan and shopping for groceries and I feel SO much better. Looking forward to getting my cooking mojo back!

1. Pizza (takeout) and salad
2. Cheeseburger-Mac (a recipe from a blog friend. I'll post it soon!)
3. Chicken spaghetti/salad/french bread
4. Burgers on the grill/fries
6. Teriyaki Chicken/rice/broccoli
7. Easy chicken burritos/black beans/homemade pico de gallo
11. Grilled burgers/onion rings (Alexia brand--YUM!)
12. Roast beef/sweet potatoes/green beans
13. Spaghetti soup/french bread
14. Out to eat!

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Gretchen said...

Lord, have MERCY, I need some inspiration, Mer. Thank you!