Thursday, March 4, 2010

Menu Plan 3.5.2010

I decided to link things again because it helps ME find things quickly. Also, all of the meals are ones that I can make on top of the stove without turning on the oven. Something wacko started going on with my oven this week. And seeing as how we just replaced the kitchen faucet and garbage disposal (also this week) we're really not jazzed about replacing the oven. on the stovetop it is!


1. Basil chicken (don't be impressed, it's a boxed Macaroni Grill kit I got *cheap* w/coupon)|salad|bread
2. Pork and black bean chili|rice|sour cream
3. Pizza--takeout, not homemade
4. Grilled burgers|sweet potato fries (I buy Alexia brand frozen sweet potato fries)
5. Fajitas|black beans| fixings
7. Grilled brats|hot dogs (I'll be gone when my fam has this. It will likely be accompanied by all kinds of junky sides). smile.
8. Mexican vermicelli (I will post the recipe later this week. It's a new recipe that John loves).
9. Baked potato soup|cornbread
10. Beef stir fry|rice
11. Spaghetti|bread|salad or green beans
14. Pesto chicken and pasta| salad| bread

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